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A Farm focused on community and Improving overall well-being 

Occupational therapy based treatments through holistic and nature-based approaches

Are you looking for outdoor therapeutic strategies that include

the whole family,

the whole child

and realistic strategies?

WE are a therapeutic farm that provides therapeutic sessions for all ages to positively impact physical and mental wellness. we focus on improving social skills, balance, coordination, strength, endurance and mental health in a supportive and natural setting so that You andyour family can reach goals together!

Upcoming Events

Peer Groups

Does your child have a IEP, do they have trouble focusing, do they struggle making connections, do they need help reaching important milestones?

Check out our outdoor interest-based social groups!

Community Events

Are you looking for more ways to get outside?

Are you looking for a supportive community?

Do you want more activities to do for self-care and/or as a family?

Adult Wellness Groups

Have you recently had a injury or surgery, or are you feeling fatigued and stressed out?

Check out our yoga, gardening and mindfulness groups!


Does your child love being outdoors?
Do you want a engaging and fun classroom setting?
Do you want supportive and caring staff that focuses on the whole child?

Want to hear more? Leave your info and we’ll get back to you.
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